Water Management

The Water Corporation’s Waterwise Council Program helps councils become water efficient in their operations, set targets for corporate and community water use and provides information for communities on water conservation. 

Waterwise Council Program

In 2010, the City joined the Waterwise Council program due to its commitment to water management and conservation practices and the successful completion of the previous Water Campaign™ milestone framework.

The City undertakes the following activities annually, as part of its participation in the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Council Program:

  • Completes scheme and groundwater consumption inventories to determine the City’s high consuming corporate facilities
  • Water audits one high consuming facility 
  • Implements the Water Efficiency Action Plan and Water Management Plan
  • Reports to Council on water management improvements and achievements
  • Applies for Waterwise council status re-endorsement.

Water Efficiency Action Plan

In December 2016, Council adopted its Water Efficiency Action Plan

The Plan:

  • Assesses current water use across council operations and the community
  • Identifies inefficiencies and potential water savings
  • Sets goals and benchmarks to improve water use
  • Outlines a plan to implement water efficiency actions to achieve set targets
  • Provides a process for annual reporting on water efficiency actions.

Water conservation targets

The Water Efficiency Action Plan includes the following water consumption and reduction targets:

  • Corporate - to maintain corporate potable water consumption at or below 2014/2015 levels (67,596kL) by 2020/2021
  • Community - to maintain total community water consumption at or below 2014/2015 levels (109 kL per capita) by 2020/2021.

Integrated catchment management

The City of South Perth follows an Integrated Catchment Management Plan to address urban stormwater management in conjunction with the State Government and drainage utilities.

The plan provides a best practice framework for enhancing and protecting the natural environment while:

  • Prioritising issues associated with stormwater and drainage
  • Reducing the likelihood of flooding
  • Managing infrastructure assets
  • Identifying strategies for involving industry, the community and government in managing catchment areas
  • Identifying water quality issues.

The City conducts regular sampling of water bodies within its boundaries to ensure that water meets international quality guidelines. It also promotes and implements water quality education programs.

Strategic water management

In 2017 the City developed and endorsed the Water Management Plan 2017-2022 to address the City’s current corporate and community water management issues related to water conservation and water quality improvement to guide the City’s water management into the future. 

This Plan incorporates the Water Efficiency Action Plan 2016-2021, which was developed to help the City meet the revised requirements of the Waterwise Council program, as well as the outcomes of a water quality risk assessment process. Through consultation, the City identified water quality priority areas and set goals for water consumption and water quality.

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