Water Management

Working with the state government and drainage utilities, the City of South Perth follows an Integrated Catchment Management Plan to address urban stormwater management.

The plan provides a best practice framework for enhancing and protecting the natural environment while:

  • Prioritising issues associated with stormwater and drainage
  • Reducing the likelihood of flooding
  • Managing infrastructure assets
  • Identifying strategies for involving industry, the community and government in managing catchment areas
  • Identifying water quality issues.

The City conducts regular sampling of water bodies within its boundaries to ensure that water meets international quality guidelines. It also promotes and implements water quality education programs.

Water Corporation Waterwise Council Program 

The Water Campaign™ is an international freshwater management program which builds the capacity of local government to reduce water consumption and improve local water quality. The campaign methodology provides a standardised process for water conservation and water quality improvement, and for monitoring, measuring and reporting performance.

The City of South Perth’s involvement in the Water Campaign™ has resulted in the establishment of water management goals and the development and implementation of the Water Action Plan to address water management issues within the corporate and community sector.

In 2012, the City commenced participation in the Water Corporation water efficiency program and gained a Waterwise Council status due to is commitment to sound water management practices and successful completion of Water Campaign™ milestone framework. The City maintains its Waterwise Council status and reports water conservation achievements on annual basis. 

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