Integrated Transport Plan

This project forms part of Thriving Neighbourhoods along with the Economic Development Plan and Local Planning Scheme 7. These projects work together to manage the City’s growth.

The City's Integrated Transport Plan (ITP) will help us facilitate a connected and accessible local transport network. The ITP 

  • Identifies and addresses transport issues
  • Manages travel demand
  • Aligns transport and land use planning
  • Improves mobility equity and access

The ITP focuses on five key areas – active travel like walking and cycling, public transport, road transport, parking and public spaces. It plans for walkable neighbourhoods, a well connected cycling network, and coordinated, efficient public transport.

The draft Integrated Transport Plan was endorsed by Council for public advertising in April 2021. Advertising was undertaken for four weeks and 142 submissions were received. The Plan was subsequently revised to incorporate the feedback where appropriate and presented to Council at the September 2021 Council Meeting where it was formally endorsed.

Integrated Transport Plan

Milestone  StatusTime frame 
Data compilation and review of background documentsComplete
Preparation of draft Integrated Transport PlanComplete 
Review and public consultation of draft ITPCompleteFeedback closed Tuesday 8 June 2021
Adoption of ITPCompleteAdopted by Council 28 September 2021