Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Fixed CCTV

CCTV is installed at local, civic community facilities, parks and reserves and other local government property within the City of South Perth.

These sites include:

  • Civic Centre (Customer Service, and Council Chambers/Foyer)
  • Operations Centre
  • Ranger’s Building
  • Animal Care Facility
  • Manning Community Centre
  • Waste Transfer Station
  • George Burnett Leisure Centre
  • Libraries (South Perth and Manning)
  • Heritage House
  • Senior Citizen’s Centres
  • Collier Park Golf Course
  • Parks and reserves (Coode Street Carpark/Boat Ramp, Mends Street, George Burnett Park/Skate Park and Karawara Greenways nearby Kwel Court Playground.

Mobile CCTV

The City operates a mobile CCTV trailer that is set up for temporary occasions in areas around the local community, as required. For example, this trailer is used at locations where criminal activity may have occurred, Ranger investigation work or community events.

People in the community can make a written request to the City via sending an email to for temporary deployment of the CCTV Trailer detailing the location and purpose/rationale. The City will assess the request and make a decision based on the request purpose/trailer availability and operability etc. The City reserves the right to approve or not approve a particular request, as the CCTV trailer is predominately intended for the City’s use. 

CCTV Benefits

  • Enhances employee and public safety 
  • Assists in deterring crime, criminal damage and public disorder
  • Reduces fear of crime and enhances public perceptions of safety in public areas
  • Assists with the identification and prosecution of offenders
  • Assists with the identification of traffic management issues
  • Assists with monitoring, providing greater protection and enhancing operational performance of the City’s facilities, assets, plant and equipment
  • Allows for real-time monitoring and subsequent review of customers/visitors at City facilities
  • Assists with City employee matters
  • Assists emergency services agencies

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage is mainly intended for the City’s use. CCTV footage may also be released to the Police for an acceptable purpose (e.g. police investigation). The City has an approval process in place via Policy P116 and Management Practice M116 to ensure that CCTV footage can only be viewed, retrieved, copied or released by Authorised Personnel.

Material will not be permitted to be sold, used for commercial purposes, or for the provision of entertainment. People in the community cannot request access to the City’s CCTV footage. Appropriate communication strategies are undertaken by the City regarding its CCTV devices to manage privacy requirements, such as making people aware that their activity is being observed/overheard through the use of CCTV public signage and information on the City’s website.

Additional information about the City’s CCTV

Additional information about the installation, use and management of CCTV is included in Policy P116 Installation, Use and Management of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and other Monitoring Technology.

Criminal or anti-social behaviour 

If anyone in the community observes or encounters any criminal or anti-social behaviour they should report it to WA Police on 131 444 (or dial 000 for emergency assistance).