Box Gallery, Manning

At the beginning of 2017 ten permanent public exhibition boxes were installed at the new Manning Community Centre, to provide a public display space to showcase local artists, community groups or collaborations between the two.

Current Exhibition

Reflections of South Perth by Scott Henman

On display from April to July 2024

Reflections of South Perth is a site-based series of photographic images using a technique which creates symmetrical mirrored images ‘in camera’. These images of South Perth are captured in the moment and use no post- production editing. Between February and March Henman took over 6000 photographs for the Manning Box Gallery commission.

When taken with the mirrored effect, images take on a life of their own and become different entities making magic from the mundane, creating new architecture, impossible landscapes and comical animals and faces from familiar surrounds. Roofs and facades become floating buildings in the sky, trees become abstract life forms and animals transform into alien-esque entities. 

Many of the images create pareidolia (seeing faces, objects or meaning in random objects or patterns of light and shadow).  Watching clouds or using the Rorschach inkblot test is an example of pareidolia. 

Visit Scott Henman's Instagram account for more of his work and information on purchasing prints and commissions.

Scott Henman

Upcoming Exhibition

On display from August to November 2024

Other Exhibitions

Events Listing


Ex-Bo at Manning 2024

Manning Library 13 - 23 April 2024

Create your own craft or artwork to be exhibited as part of Ex-Bo at Manning.

Arts & Culture Education Free Library

Exhibition Opportunity

The next round of Expression of Interest (EOI’s) for Box Gallery exhibition for December 2024 to March 2025 will open in August 2024.

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