Economic Development Plan

This project forms part of Thriving Neighbourhoods along with the Integrated Transport Plan and Local Planning Scheme 7. These projects work together to manage the City’s growth.


The Economic Development Plan (EDP) will guide how the City will support local businesses and boost local employment, investment and tourism over the next four years.

The purpose of the Plan is to provide an overall strategic economic vison for the City that aligns with our community’s priorities, identifying strategic growth areas, current gaps and future trends. 

The actions of the EDP focus on five key areas, the first two of which relate to specific areas within the City that have high potential for strategic economic development:

  • South Perth Peninsula
  • Technology Park

The other three focus areas are more general in nature and are not defined by geographic boundaries:

  • Consumer Centres
  • Small Business Support
  • City-wide
Milestone  StatusTime frame 
Background analysis and reportingCompletedLate 2020
Stakeholder engagementCompletedEarly 2021
Preparation of draft Economic Development PlanCompletedMid 2021
Community consultationCompletedClosed Monday 26 July 2021
Endorsement of Economic Development PlanCompletedEndorsed by Council Sept 2021