StrEAT responsibly this summer

Event 13 November 2023

Another summer season of South Perth StrEATs starts on Thursday 16 November and we'd like to ask everyone to respect our local wildlife and residents while enjoying your favourite food trucks.

Here are a few friendly reminders to enjoy South Perth StrEATs responsibly:

1. Take your rubbish with you

Our beautiful foreshore is a haven for wildlife and it's all of our responsibility to keep it clean. Please use the public bins provided to dispose of your litter or take advantage of our new Containers for Change baskets.

2. Keep dogs on lead

We love our four legged friends but they need to be kept on lead at all times in and around the designated StrEATs area.

3. Don't feed the wildlife

Human food isn't good for our local birds, turtles or wetlands. Please don't feed any of the wildlife you may encounter on the foreshore.

4. Pay attention to the parking rules

Please make sure you follow the signed parking rules at all times while enjoying your StrEATs. We don't want your summer outing to end in a parking ticket. 

5. Respect nearby residents

Our foreshore is a fantastic place for a catch up but it's also a residential area. If you're leaving StrEATs after dark, please make sure you keep the volume at a respectful level.

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Want to learn more about protecting wildlife in South Perth? River Guardians will be at StrEATs on Friday 15 December from 4pm.

Media contact

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