50 Dyson Street Kensington

Media Response 5 November 2021

Response to a media enquiry regarding an application to reclassify 50 Dyson Street Kensington on the City's Local Heritage Inventory.

Response from CEO Mike Bradford

The City has received an application from the owner of 50 Dyson Street Kensington to reclassify the site, including the Memorial Church of St Martin in the Field and Durbridge Hall, on the City’s Local Heritage Inventory.

Before making any decision, the City is giving the community the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed reclassification. A drop-in information session was held on Wednesday 27 October and feedback is open until Wednesday 10 November by visiting the City’s engagement website, Your Say South Perth.

To ensure the best-informed decision can be made, the City has commissioned a third-party report by a heritage consultant. This is planned to be considered at the December Council meeting along with community feedback and a structural and heritage report provided by the applicant.



An application has been made by property owners to reclassify the church and hall at 50 Dyson Street Kensington from category B (considerable significance) to category D (little significance) on the Local Heritage Inventory. The site includes the Memorial Church of St Martin in the Field and Durbridge Hall.

Sites classified as category A or B on the City's Local Heritage Inventory are included on the Heritage List. The reclassification would see the place removed from the City's Heritage List. Properties on the Heritage List are protected under the Planning and Development Act 2005 from being demolished, altered or modified unless approval has been granted by the City.

A heritage assessment was prepared by Griffiths Architects and a structural report by Quoin Consulting, both of which were submitted by the applicant with the reclassification request. The City subsequently engaged Hocking Heritage and Architecture to review these reports and provide a report with comments.

The City is seeking feedback from nearby property owners, residents and the wider City of South Perth community about the requested reclassification.

A decision on the application to reclassify the church and hall will need to be made before the application for demolition can be considered.


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