Winter infill planting: new street trees

Media Release 10 May 2018

Street trees are a vital part of the City of South Perth’s urban forest and provide over 800,000 square metres of tree canopy cover. As with many suburbs around Perth, the City is experiencing canopy loss on private properties and needs to plant as many trees along streets as possible to maintain a healthy urban forest.

To help beautify our streets and enjoy all the fantastic benefits that avenues of trees provide, the City of South Perth will continue the program of infill planting street trees throughout the whole of the City this coming winter.

The City will water the trees during their first two summers and continue to maintain all new and existing street trees by carrying out pruning and/or other treatments as required.

In order to support a resilient urban forest, City officers choose tree species that are best suited to individual sites based on environmental conditions, streetscape continuity, and desired outcomes.  

Request a street tree

Did you know residents can request a street tree? City officers will determine the appropriate tree species, alignment and spacing for your verge and street in order to maintain the continuity of existing streetscapes.

Free mulch for City residents

To protect your plants and encourage healthy plant growth, spread a layer of mulch over your garden beds. The best mulches are organic and can be made from a variety of garden by-products.

Free mulch is available to residents from the City of South Perth Recycling Centre, located at 199 Thelma St, Como. City residents wishing to take mulch must load it yourself from the pile provided at the site.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.