Recycling Centre

City of South Perth residents and property owners can dispose of additional waste and recycling at the Recycling Centre.

Opening hours

Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am-2pm

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Public Holidays


199 Thelma Street, Como

Recycling Centre general enquiry

Entry vouchers

As part of the annual rubbish levy, residential ratepayers receive three entry vouchers for the Recycling Centre. These are sent out at the beginning of each financial year with the rates notices.

The vouchers entitle the residential ratepayer to dispose of two payloads of green waste and one payload of general waste per year.

To use, tear off the whole entry voucher and present it in full to the attendant at the Recycling Centre.

Please note the following:

  • Your assessment number and barcode is printed on the entry voucher
  • Once you have used your voucher you will not be able to get a second voucher
  • You will not be able to receive a replacement voucher if it is lost. Please keep it in a safe place
  • Occupiers who are not owners or do not pay a rubbish levy are not entitled to receive an entry voucher
  • Occupiers will need to obtain the voucher from the property owner or pay to use the Recycling Centre
  • Only valid entry vouchers will be accepted.

The gate attendant’s assessment of the voucher and load will be final.

Enquire about entry vouchers

Accepted payload

Payloads should be no bigger than a level trailer (6x4) or 2m3 and less than 250kg. A fee will apply if a City of South Perth Recycling Centre voucher is not presented at the Recycling Centre gate, or for any payload considered larger than the maximum payload size.

Due to our facility being approved as a Recycling Centre, we can’t accept all waste.

Payloads not accepted:

  • Any vehicle exceeding a tare weight of two tonnes
  • Any material exceeding a length of 1.8m
  • Asbestos cement products including Hardiflex or Hardifence sheeting
  • Liquids other than engine oil
  • Building rubble including sand, rock, soil and concrete
  • Co2 bottles, butane, cylinders, solvents and household chemicals (garden pesticides)
  • Putrescible/food waste.

The following facilities may take the above waste:

City of Stirling Transfer Station 
Phone: 9205 8555

Brockway Transfer Station 
Phone: 9384 2544

City of Armadale 
Phone: 9399 3935

Central Waste Station 
Phone: 9470 6044

Further information about the disposal of hazardous waste is available from the Waste Authority.

Recycling programs

To assist the City of South Perth in reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycling, the following items are accepted at no additional charge at the Recycling Centre if they are separated from general waste loads. Commercial businesses are not eligible for the free service.

  • e-Waste:
    • Televisions – Plasma, CRT, LCD, LED, Rear Projection
    • Computer Equipment
    • Laptops, notebooks, palm tops
    • Desktop /Central Processing Units, cards and motherboards
    • Monitors, printers, faxes, scanners, multi-function units that scan/fax/print, and web cameras
    • Compact disc drives, digital video disk drives, hard drives and floppy drives
    • Mouse and trackball, keyboards, joysticks and gamepads
  • Clean and uncontaminated cardboard, packing boxes, magazines, newspapers - no wrapping, polystyrene foam or similar
  • Uncontaminated used motor oil (not contaminated with other petroleum products, coolants or similar) to a maximum of 20 litres per visit
  • All scrap metal including washing machines and microwaves
  • Fluorescent lighting tubes and globes
  • Household and vehicle batteries
  • Plastic bottle-top lids
  • Disposable face mask.

Some recyclable items will incur a fee (vouchers are not valid for most of these items).

Disposable face mask

The City has partnered with TerraCycle, a waste management company that recycles non-woven disposable plastic-based masks, including three-ply surgical, dust masks, KN95 and N95 masks through their Zero Waste collection boxes.

The City will be trialling two Zero Waste boxes, available at both the Civic Centre and Recycling Centre and invites residents to dispose of their used masks.

These masks are quarantined for at least two months before processing and manual sorting. Metal from the nose clips is removed and plastic is melted down into low-grade plastic pellets, which are then used in the manufacture of a variety of new products including outdoor furniture, park benches and decking.

Disposal of Polystyrene 

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or polystyrene foam, is a white light-weight and bulky material that is often difficult to dispose of in your general bin. This material is often used in packaging for furniture or electronic goods, often together with cardboard. Polystyrene can be recycled at Recycling Centre free of charge.

Asbestos disposal

Find out more about asbestos removal and disposal.

Paint disposal

Paintback provides a free paint disposal service to:

  • Responsibly deal with left-over paint after painting
  • Declutter your garage, shed or under the house of old paint containers
  • Recycle and reduce waste going to landfill
  • Avoid landfill fees that may apply to waste paint.

Refer to the Paintback drop-off location pageto search for your nearest Paintback disposal centre.

To find out more visit

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City of South Perth Recycling Centre

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  • Opening Hours Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am-2pm
    Closed Monday, Tuesday and Public Holidays.
  • Address Cnr Hayman Road and Thelma Street, Como