Street Trees

Street trees are a vital part of the City of South Perth’s urban forest and provide over 800,000 square metres of tree canopy cover. As with many suburbs around Perth, the City is experiencing canopy loss on private properties and needs to plant as many trees along streets as possible to maintain a healthy urban forest.

Benefits of street trees

Street trees provide many benefits to the community and local streetscapes including:

  • Valuable shade
  • Reducing surface heat
  • Protection from wind
  • Reducing glare
  • Providing habitat for fauna
  • Replenishing oxygen while removing carbon dioxide
  • Providing a more aesthetically pleasing environment 
  • Reducing storm water runoff.

Request a street tree

You can request a tree/trees online using the City’s Report It service.

City officers will determine the appropriate tree species, alignment and spacing for your verge and street in order to maintain the continuity of existing streetscapes.

Maintaining street trees

Trees are planted in winter and the City contractors water them for their first two summers to help them become established. Residents are encouraged to provide extra water during hot dry periods and to continue summer watering after the initial two years.

The City carries out all street tree maintenance. Please note that it is an offence for anyone to prune or remove a street tree. All of the City’s 20,000 street trees are regularly assessed and updated on the City’s database and can be viewed via Intramaps, the City's online mapping system.   

Trees of Special Significance

The City has a number of street, park and private Trees of Special Significance. These trees have met special criteria and are given a Tree Preservation Order. Trees of Special Significance can not be removed, pruned or maintained in any way without written permission from the City. You can find these trees in purple on Intramaps

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