To protect your plants and encourage healthy plant growth, spread a layer of mulch over your garden beds. The best mulches are organic and can be made from a variety of garden by-products.

Free mulch

Mulch is currently unavailable at the City of South Perth Recycling Centre.

The City of South Perth is part of the quarantine area for an exotic pest called Polyphagous shot-hole borer. The City’s free mulch program has been put on hold to comply with quarantine requirements. We apologise for any inconvenience.

To find out more about quarantine requirements please visit

Why mulch?

The benefits of mulching reach below the soil surface and will help to:

  • Reduce water loss from soil
  • Reduce the need for chemical sprays
  • Control soil erosion
  • Decrease the amount of plant material going to landfill
  • Suppress weed growth by 50 to 70 per cent
  • Increase biological activity in the soil – especially worms and good microbes
  • Improve plant health and soil structure over time
  • Give your garden an immediate facelift, with a natural appearance and soft surface.

What to use

  • Compost – generally, the older it is, the greater the benefit to your soil
  • Old pine, eucalypt or any other woodchips
  • Dry lawn clippings, prunings, leaves and plant material (twigs and thin branches can be shredded using a lawn mower)
  • Sawdust, straw and hay.

What not to use

  • Weeds and seeding plants
  • Organic material exposed to weed killer or pesticides
  • Fresh woodchips, which can rob the soil of nitrogen.

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