Sustainability for the City of South Perth means enhancing the quality of life and prosperity of the community, and preventing the harmful local and global effects of its action through careful planning and decision making.

A strategic approach

The City is guided by its vision and the Strategic Community Plan. The strategic directions in the Strategy Community Plan that relate specifically to sustainability are Community and Environment.

The City promotes sustainability to the local community by highlighting the importance of planting and maintaining vegetation in urban areas through:

  • The provision of native plants to local residents at citizenship ceremonies
  • Showcasing native waterwise gardens and verges throughout the City
  • Providing educational material such as Street Verge Landscape Guidelines
  • Conducting Great Gardens workshops
  • Providing a sustainability education program by offering a Living Smart Course to local residents
  • Supporting Millennium Kids activities and sustainability education at the City’s schools.

The City strives to enhance and develop public open spaces and manage impacts on the City’s built and natural environment. The City undertakes an ongoing revegetation program by planting native plants in the City’s reserves and public open spaces.

Sustainable practices 

To achieve a sustainable community, the City adopts practices that:

  • Ensure that as a minimum, the City will comply with all relevant statutory obligations
  • Comply with the requirements of other initiatives to which the City voluntarily subscribes
  • Seek compliance by and promote awareness and commitment from its contractors and suppliers
  • Reflect the economic, environmental and social goals of the City
  • Minimise the effects that the City has on the environment and community
  • Educate and train staff about sustainability objectives as applicable to their work 
  • Routinely monitor performance and promote continuous improvement of City activities
  • Report the key characteristics of sustainability performance on an annual basis.

Planet Footprint

The City subscribes to the Planet Footprint program, which measures the City’s energy, water and fleet fuel use, as well as waste and greenhouse gas generation. The data is collated into reports that are generated quarterly. The program also monitors account meter anomalies to allow for the effective management of the City’s assets. 

Sustainability Strategy

In 2015, the City updated its Strategic Community Plan to reflect its current and future organisational management needs. The City’s Sustainability Strategy 2012-2015 will now be updated to align with the Strategic Community Plan 2015-2025. 

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