Sustainability Workshops

One of the ways in which the City promotes sustainability is through sustainability workshops and courses for local residents and ratepayers.

2024 Sustainability Education Program

12 February - 19 June 2024

The City has partnered with Ecoburbia to offer a series of free sustainability workshops to our community. Sustainability experts Shani Graham and Tim Darby will teach you practical tips that you can take home and use right away. Topics include water and energy conservation, household waste reduction, smart travelling, food production at home and biodiversity enhancement.

This program is part of the City's commitment to manage and promote sustainable water, waste, land and energy practices.

Workshops are free and registrations can be made online using the links below. 

12 February 2024 - Productive Backyards with Ecoburbia
Come and see just how productive you can be at home - saving food miles, carbon emissions and your food bills in this Productive Backyards workshop.

25 March 2024 - Saving Power and Water in Your Home with Ecoburbia
In this interactive workshop Shani and Tim from Ecoburbia will teach you about the principles of basic solar passive design and how you can use those principles to save gas and electricity in your home. 

22 April 2024 - Water Wise Gardening and Biodiversity in your yard or verge with Ecoburbia
Learn how to create a water wise garden and share ways to increase biodiversity, wildlife habitat and reduce the urban heat effect in this workshop featuring special guests. This workshop will be held in support of the WA Tree Festival 2024.

23 May 2024 - Reducing Waste and Carbon Emissions with Ecoburbia
Would you like to halve what goes into your household bins? Come along and learn how to reduce your waste and carbon emissions in this waste focused workshop. 

19 June 2024 - Resilient Communities and Moving Around In Them with Ecoburbia
Do you long for the sort of community connection you had as a child? Are you interested in increasing resilience in your neighbourhood? This workshop is for you.

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