Manning's Box Gallery welcomes a new exhibition

News Update 5 December 2023

Holly O’Meehan describes working with clay as “humbling”. At any moment the material can crack, break and corrode. However, these were the exact reasons the Perth-based artist chose to use clay in her new exhibition 'Limited Minerals', currently on display at the Box Gallery at Manning Community Centre.

Holly spent hours on site at the Centre hand-rolling delicate clay sculptures inspired by native and introduced flora.

These forms were then placed on various parts the building before being photographed and left exposed to the elements. As predicted, the tiny clay forms gradually eroded.

Back in her studio, Holly then went about recreating these small sculptures in ceramics – a more long-lasting material. And it’s these final pieces that are now on display at the Box Gallery, paired with photographs of the original clay works.

She says the exhibition explores the connection that both native and introduced flora have with man-made structures. 

The work details the way the environment slowly grows and takes over its surroundings. 

Growing up in the small agricultural town of Borden in the Great Southern, it’s a relationship that’s fascinated the artist since childhood.

“Flora has a way of evolving; these plants will outsmart us eventually,” she says. 

“The strength in something so tiny is amazing.”

Visit Holly’s website to find out more about her current exhibition and past work.

‘Limited Minerals’ is on display at Manning Community Centre until April 2024.

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