Council to consider Collier Park Village at March meeting

Media Release 16 March 2023
At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 28 March 2023, the City of South Perth Council will consider a report by the City’s administration on Collier Park Village (CPV) in Como.  

The report recommends that the City commences a ‘Request for Proposal’ (RfP) process to invite experienced retirement village operators to present proposals to improve and enhance CPV and facilitate ‘ageing in place’. 

CPV is comprised of 169 independent living units for those aged 55 years and over. 

The City has owned and operated CPV since 1986 and over the past 30 years the needs of older people in retirement living have changed and become more complex. The City acknowledges it does not have the expertise and financial capacity to make significant improvements to CPV to provide the right mix of accommodation and services to deliver contemporary standards of retirement living. 

As part of the RfP process, the City is recommending several safeguards to ensure that the residents’ long term needs are addressed and protection of residents’ rights are included. The City wants to ensure that any potential new operator shares the City’s vision for CPV and that the proposal is aligned to the City’s values and RfP process evaluation framework. In the short term, there will be no changes at CPV and the City will continue to operate CPV until a suitable operator is found.  

The City’s full report on CPV including the recommendation can be viewed in the March Council Agenda Briefing (Item 10.1.1 Collier Park Village). 

For more information on the RfP process, visit the Collier Park Village webpage

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