Budget 2022/23 breakdown

News Update 13 July 2022

The City's $13.09 million 2022/23 Capital Works Budget will go towards keeping our parks and reserves, roads, drainage and buildings in good shape.

Well maintained infrastructure is essential to ensure the longevity of these important community assets.

Over the next financial year, the main areas of spending will include:

  • $5.22m - pathways and roads
  • $1.9m - general assets
  • $1.69m - parks and reserves
  • $1.42m - buildings
  • $0.92m- local traffic road management
  • $0.76m - waste management
  • $0.68m - drainage infrastructure
  • $0.50m - lighting

Significant rehabilitation work will continue at McDougall Park, with Phase 1 of the project expected to be completed in August 2022. An additional $602,000 has been allocated for the current financial year to improve the lake's water quality, increase biodiversity and enhance the landscape of the surrounding area.

Renewal work will be carried out at a number of community facilities including Como Bowling Club ($200,000), Moresby Hall ($100,000) and Collier Park Retirement Village ($595,000).

Almost $310,000 will be spent to improve lighting at James Millar Oval, while funding for roads and pathways has been increased to approximately $5.2m to enhance the safety and access for all, including motorists, cyclists, eScooter riders and pedestrians.

For more details about the of the City's Budget decision see our News Update

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