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Media Release 30 June 2022

The City of South Perth Council adopted its 2022/23 Annual Budget on Tuesday 28 June 2022.

The Budget focuses on asset renewal, stocking financial reserves and continuing to improve the City’s financial position, while still delivering rates relief in real terms.

Ratepayers will see a modest increase of 4.5 per cent on their rates bill, well below the prevailing Perth CPI rate of 7.6 per cent. For the fourth consecutive year, Council has delivered a budget with a rates movement either equal to or below Perth CPI. 

Mayor Greg Milner said the budget struck a balance between improving the City’s financial position and making good on the City’s commitment to not increase the financial burden on ratepayers relative to inflation.

“The current economic climate has created a challenging environment for the drafting of the 2022/23 Budget. This time last year, Perth CPI was 1 per cent. This year, it is 7.6 per cent,” the Mayor said.

“On one hand, rapidly-escalating inflation is making it more expensive to provide services and amenities for our community. Without limitation, this includes rising maintenance and building costs, utilities, staff and insurance costs, and the soaring price of fuel.

“On the other hand, Council is acutely aware that ratepayers are facing ever-increasing costs of living due to that very same inflation.

“Like most metropolitan local governments, Council has had to increase rates this year to continue to deliver services and amenities on which our community relies. 

“The City has, however, successfully identified and implemented a range of efficiencies over the previous year, meaning that Council has been able to set a rates movement that is well below inflation.”

“Council is mindful of the pressures on household budgets and has settled on a rate increase of 4.5 per cent. The City’s past four rates movements have either been equal to or below Perth CPI, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and inflation. Over the last four Budgets, the City’s rates have increased by less than half of the rate of inflation.”


City of South Perth rates movements compared to Perth CPI for the past four years:

City of South Perth rates movements1.0%-1.0%1.0%4.5%5.5%
Perth CPI as at Budget decision 1.0%2.1%1.0%7.6%11.7%

Mayor Milner said the City’s new Budget focused on responsible renewal and replacement of essential public infrastructure and assets, such as roads, drainage, pathways, public lighting, parks, reserves and playgrounds.

“I would like to thank my fellow Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive team and all City staff who worked on this Budget.”

Rates Notices, which include three Recycling Centre entry vouchers, will be delivered to ratepayers early to mid-August. Property owners in the South Perth and Hurlingham areas will also receive information about a new underground power project starting later this year.

For more detail about the City’s Budget 2022/23, look out for the next edition of Peninsula magazine in letterboxes late July or visit the City’s Budget page.

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