Mosquito season extended until end of May

News Update 4 May 2022

Ongoing mild weather and unseasonal warm days as a result of La Nina has prompted the City to extend its mosquito season until the end of May.

The season normally spans September to April and during this time, the City's Environmental Health team conducts weekly monitoring of mosquito-prone areas to ensure larvae numbers are kept to a manageable level.

Suburbs along the Canning River, including Salter Point and Waterford, have been the City's main focus with good results from aerial treatments, however treatments have recently been carried out in the South Perth area following reports from community members.

Treatment near some foreshore lakes has now been conducted to help reduce the problem, which should continue to abate as the cooler weather begins. 

To reduce the risk of bites during mosquito season, community members are encouraged to avoid areas like wetlands where mosquitoes are known to be present during dawn and dusk, use an insect repellent that contains DEET, and wear loose, long-sleeve clothing.

At home it's best to and remove stagnant water from around the garden to prevent breeding and check fly screens are in good condition. 

Please see the the Mosquito section to find out more about the City's approach to mosquito control

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