Have your say on the Public Benefit Contribution Project List

News Update 11 August 2021

The City is taking an important step to ensure that new developments in the South Perth Activity Centre contribute positively to our community through the provision of new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure.

The Public Benefit Contribution Plan identifies contributions that developers could make towards new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure as part of a significant Development Application.  

We are proud to be the first local government in WA to develop a Public Benefit Contribution Plan. 

Have your Say

We’re seeking community input to help prioritise the list of potential projects. Feedback will help inform the order in which the projects are delivered within each character area of the Activity Centre Plan when public benefit contribution funds are received. 

Visit yoursay.southperth.wa.gov.au for more information and to complete the survey.

Survey closes at 4pm, Tuesday 31 August 2021.


Public Benefit Contributions will be used to fund new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure, over and above the like for like replacement or provision of infrastructure that is normally funded by the local government.   

Public Benefit Contributions will be used to fund upgrades and new facilities for the benefit of current and future local residents, workers and visitors to this area. 

A public contribution will be required for developments over a certain height.

The contribution may be provided in three ways:

  • a monetary contribution to fund an infrastructure project that will be delivered by the City
  • delivered in-kind by a developer on a development site to the equivalent monetary contribution required
  • a combination of both. 

We’ve taken the priorities identified through community and stakeholder engagement as well as a number of City studies, assessments and plans over the past 10 years to develop the list of potential projects. 

The South Perth Activity Centre Plan identifies six categories which the public benefit contribution projects fall into:

  • Community facilities
  • Streetscape and public realm upgrades
  • Street trees and landscaping
  • Upgrades to public open space
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Placemaking initiatives.

This proactive approach will ensure that developer contributions are directed in the most appropriate manner within a range of projects that have been identified, costed and ready to go.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.