Council approves South Perth Activity Centre Plan

News Update 18 December 2019
South Perth Activity Centre Plan

At last night’s December 2019 Council Meeting, Council endorsed the South Perth Activity Centre Plan and proposed Scheme Amendment No. 61.

These documents set out the strategic vision and statutory planning requirements for development within the area that stretches from the tip of South Perth Peninsula to Richardson Park and Perth Zoo. 

The activity centre plan and amendment take a holistic, long term approach, which can be updated over time to respond to issues and community aspirations. They provide a robust planning framework to manage development that accommodates forecast future growth; and guidance to improve movement, connectivity, streetscapes and public open space within and around the activity centre area.

Between May and July 2019, the City undertook public consultation on the draft activity centre plan and associated amendment so everyone had the chance to have their say. The proposed modifications were analysed and many were incorporated into the documents approved by Council last night.

In addition to the City’s recommended modifications, Council extensively discussed and settled on two further modifications to the amendment in regards to typology for No 64 Mill Point Road from Medium-High to Medium, and greater setbacks for development in the Hillside character area to protect the amenity of Sir James Mitchell Park. 

The proposed South Perth Activity Centre Plan and Scheme Amendment 61 will now be updated with the modifications and referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission for approval.

City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner spoke in favour of the Activity Centre Plan, stating the plan and accompanying scheme amendment was a significant improvement over the existing planning framework. 

Mayor Milner also said Council would need to be vigilant to ensure the Activity Centre area planning framework remained appropriate and fit for purpose.

“Council will need to be vigilant going forwards, as adjustments may be necessary if actual population growth differs from what has been projected," Mayor Milner said. 

"We must also be mindful of the ability of our infrastructure to meet growing demands, particularly our road network capacities and parking plans.”

Mayor Milner expressed a desire that the endorsed Plan and Scheme Amendment would restore clarity and certainty to the area’s planning framework.

“It is my hope that (the South Perth Activity Centre Plan and Scheme Amendment 61) will provide certainty and confidence for land owners, residents and businesses alike.”

Mayor Milner thanked the City’s planning officers, planning consultants RobertsDay, State Government Architect Geoff Warn, Anna Kelderman and the City of South Perth community for their efforts in assisting Council in the development of the documents.

“I am hopeful that this ACP and scheme amendment can reasonably and adequately respond to the expectations of the state government and residents alike, in the context of this very unique and special area.”

For more information, see the South Perth Activity Centre Plan page on the City’s website. 

Full minutes from last night’s Council Meeting will be available on the Council Meeting page on City’s website this Friday 20 December.

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