City to work with StrEATS on correct approvals for pop up bar

Media Release 27 November 2019

Please attribute the following statement to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass. 

The City of South Perth Council last night resolved for the City to work in cooperation with South Perth StrEATS to assist them in achieving the correct approvals required for a pop up bar to operate as part of their event. 

Following recent public interest, a motion was presented to Council requesting I “arrange for the City to do all things to assist and support the continuation of the service of alcohol at StrEATS for the remainder of the food van season”.

The City appreciates that the pop up bar is a popular element of StrEATS, which showcases the foreshore area. We actively promote the StrEATS event, however we need to ensure that the correct approvals to operate are in place. 

The pop up bar at StrEATS was not closed as a result of any complaints – the liquor licence issued by the Liquor Licensing authority that allowed that bar to sell alcohol had expired.

From the City’s perspective, we had issued a trading permit to allow the consumption of alcohol on the reserve, with BYO permitted on an ongoing basis. 

In order for StrEATS to sell alcohol, they must complete a fresh application including a request to sell alcohol, and seek the City’s consent to apply for a Liquor Licence for the area. 

The Minister for Lands must then consent to the use of that land for the purpose of selling alcohol as part of the event. This was not requested in the previous application.  

Once the the Minister has consented, the City will issue a Mobile Food and Beverage Vehicles Licence and a trading permit. The pop up bar can then operate and it is understood it will request to do so on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

This process will occur as soon as practicable – the City has already spoken to StrEATS and will continue to assist as much as possible.  

In response to questions regarding the sale of alcohol at StrEATS, I provided a number of answers that will be available in full on the City’s website on Friday 29 November 2019 before 5pm, in line with the City’s standard practice.

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