Revised draft South Perth Activity Centre Plan to be presented to Council

Media Release 27 February 2019
South Perth Activity Centre Plan South Perth Station Precinct

The revised draft South Perth Activity Centre Plan (ACP) and associated Scheme Amendment No.61 are now available to view on the City’s website.

The Council will consider both documents for the purpose of public advertising at a Special Council Meeting to be held 7pm, Wednesday 6 March in the Council Chamber at the South Perth Civic Centre.

The plan is being developed to set out the strategic vision and statutory planning requirements for development within the area that stretches from the tip of South Perth Peninsula to Richardson Park and the Zoo.

The first draft of the ACP and scheme amendment were presented at a Council Meeting in October 2018, at which time the Council resolved to further consider the documents prior to the commencement of public advertising. 

Councillors completed a series of intensive workshops between November 2018 and February 2019 to refine the draft ACP. Through the workshops the Council made a number of changes to the draft ACP, including:

  • Introduction of a building height limit for Tier 2, to provide greater certainty through height limits for all sites at all tier levels
  • Increased street setbacks on South Perth Esplanade (north of Fraser Lane and east of number 85 South Perth Esplanade) and on Labouchere Road (south of Judd Street) to reflect the desired role and character of these streets
  • Changes to the distribution of built form typologies to protect the amenity of key public assets (South Perth Foreshore and Perth Zoo), provide appropriate transition in building height and allow for appropriate development of high value sites
  • Refinement of design quality requirements to ensure that all development achieves a high minimum design standard and that excellent or exemplary design is required for larger buildings.

Additionally, the draft ACP includes the following planning provisions:

  • building height limits for all properties in the South Perth Activity Centre Plan area, which prohibit buildings taller than 123.3 metres, approximately 38 storeys
  • building height limits for properties adjacent to Perth Zoo on Labouchere Road which prohibit any building taller than 57.3 metres, approximately 18 storeys
  • allowance for additional building height to be approved (within limits) provided the tower is slim, the building achieves an excellent or exemplary standard of design, and a public benefit contribution is provided to the City to be spent on infrastructure including streetscape upgrades, community facilities, and upgrades to public open space
  • limits to the size of buildings, including requiring smaller podiums, greater setbacks and slimmer towers.

If the Council endorse the draft ACP and amendment for public advertising at the Special Council Meeting on 6 March, the documents will be presented for comment.

Following public consultation, the City will further review the draft ACP and amendment before they are presented to Council for final endorsement and submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission for approval.

To keep up to date with the progress of the draft ACP and scheme amendment visit the South Perth Activity Centre Plan page on our  website. 

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