A Reserve: public art

News Update 5 February 2019
Public Art

The City has recently installed the first works to be commissioned under its new ‘A-Reserve’ temporary and ephemeral public art program. 

At David Vincent Park in Kensington, The Rose Coloured House by Mel McVee, is an inviting and nostalgic sculptural representation of home, playfully extracting colour from the sunlight in this quiet park. In Windsor Park, South Perth, Lewis Horne’s Tree of Light is a stylised, illuminated tree-form that thoughtfully celebrates and contrasts with the natural environment and offers different experiences during the day and night.

Visitors are encouraged to come and experience these wonderful artworks in person before the end of March 2019. 

The City has been commissioning successful and engaging works of temporary and ephemeral public art since 2014. Up until 2018, all of these commissions had been displayed on locations along the South Perth Foreshore. In 2018, the City initiated the A-Reserve program to provide front-row, high quality public art experiences to even more of the City’s residents.

The A-Reserve commissions draw on artists’ unique perspectives and creative ideas to bring fresh attention and new experiences to diverse neighbourhood parks for the enjoyment of local residents. The commissions also encourage people to visit and explore some of the many attractive green spaces across the City and provide unique opportunities for artists to share their talents.

Artists were asked to select a site for their work from a pre-selected list of six green spaces, one located in each of the six suburbs within the City, and to put forward a creative proposal developed especially for the park they had selected.

The two commissioned works were chosen by the City on the quality of the artists’ proposals over all, and in future years high quality works will be commissioned for temporary display in other parks around the City.