Please Feed the Bear

Media Release 20 February 2017
Angelo Street Marketplace Fiesta Public Art

A giant bear created by performance artist and puppeteer, Chloe Flockart will entertain audiences as part of the City of South Perth’s summer calendar of arts and events.

The larger-than-life roaming puppet will visit the Fiesta Concert on Saturday 25 February and appear again at Angelo Street Marketplace on Sunday 26 March. 

This interactive artwork, Please Feed the Bear invites members of the community to share their recollections of South Perth by penning hand written notes. Bear ‘handlers’ will distribute note cards to the community, with the memories pinned to the walking puppet. The intriguing component of this creation is that the more memories the bear collects, the thicker his coat becomes.

The collection of anecdotes will be recorded and added to the City’s South Perth Stories website, an online archive that captures the history of our dynamic city through the stories and experiences of residents and visitors, past and present.

“The artwork explores our evolution as a community and has been commissioned by the City of South Perth,” Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“The wonderful way the bear encourages people to share their own stories and memories of South Perth makes this a truly unique and interactive experience for people. 

“It’s a celebratory, joyful work which I’m sure it will capture people’s imaginations and resonate with many people in our community.”

The opportunity to exhibit ephemeral works is advertised annually as part of the City’s Summer event’s calendar. 

The City has an ever-growing inventory of distinct and diverse public artworks that contribute to the City’s unique and diverse culture. 

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