Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan Amendment No. 47

Media Release 10 February 2017
Canning Bridge

The City of South Perth’s Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) will come into effect following the Minister for Planning’s approval of Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 47. 

The Amendment was published in the Government Gazette today 10 February 2017 and is effective immediately.

The Amendment is the culmination of an 11-year-long study of an area centred on the Canning Bridge train station. 

The purpose of the Amendment is to give statutory effect to the CBACP, enabling development of the Activity Centre to proceed according to the CBACP’s provisions and desired outcomes. 

“The precinct surrounding the Canning Bridge now provides opportunities for revitalisation of the area for a mix of office, retail, residential, recreational and cultural uses, maximising opportunities offered by its unique ‘transport hub’ location,” Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“The Canning Bridge area will evolve to become a unique and vibrant community centred on the integrated transport node of the Canning Bridge rail station. It will be recognised by its unique location, the promotion of its local heritage that integrates with the regional transport networks while enhancing the natural attractions of the Swan and Canning Rivers.

“A number of key issues identified by stakeholders at both a local and State level were considered in the preparation of the precinct vision, including traffic concerns, built form, open space, parking, safety and accessibility to the station.”

With increasing interest in the area, the City anticipates that the lodgement of development applications will commence in the near future. It is expected that these developments will be between 4 and 15 storeys.

Since 2006, the City has been working in partnership with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the City of Melville in a major study of the precinct surrounding the Canning Bridge Station, on both sides of the Canning Bridge. The precinct area extends for an 800 metre radius around the station. This is generally accepted as representing a ten-minute walk or a two-minute cycling distance.

The Canning Bridge Rail Station Precinct Study was carried out between 2007 and 2010 in response to successive State Government strategies which aim at providing for population growth. These strategies promote ‘activity centres’ containing a range of land uses and providing employment opportunities adjacent to major public transport routes. 

Towards the end of 2010, the Cities of South Perth and Melville and the WAPC endorsed the consultants’ final report for the Canning Bridge Precinct Vision as the preferred form of future development for the precinct.

Following endorsement of the vision, a working group was established to oversee the production of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP). The working group comprised senior technical officers from the WA Departments of Planning and Transport, Main Roads WA, Public Transport Authority, and Cities of South Perth and Melville.

Both the Councils of the Cities of South Perth and Melville adopted the CBACP in March 2015, with the Council of the City of South Perth formally endorsing the CBACP at their meeting in May 2015. In December 2015, the WAPC also adopted the Plan, subject to administrative changes which have been incorporated into the final Plan. The Minister for Planning gave final approval of Amendment No. 47 in February 2017.

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