Snakes are often seen around Perth during spring and summer.

They can pose a risk to people and their pets but they are also an integral part of the natural environment and play an important role in wildlife ecosystems. They are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act.

Snakes may be attracted to residential gardens to shelter in wood piles, rubbish and green waste. Generally they are attracted by a food source such as mice. Around your home, remove long grass and items lying on the ground which may provide cover for snakes. 

If you see a snake in your garden, do not approach it and take children and pets indoors. Most snake bites occur when people accidentally step on snakes or attempt to kill them.

Contact Wildcare Helpline on 08 9474 9055 to be referred to a volunteer reptile remover or Google local commercial snake removal services, but please note that these usually charge a fee.

For further information about snakes, visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.