The City’s Health Local Laws 2002 allow an owner/occupier to keep up to 12 poultry birds. For the purpose of this law, the definition of poultry includes domestic fowls.

It is prohibited to keep a rooster, goose, duck, turkey, or peafowl within the City.

An owner/occupier must comply with the following conditions:

  • Poultry must be kept within a properly constructed and securely fastened structure with an area of at least 1 square metre for each bird and which is located at least 1 metre from any boundary
  • There is a roofed structure within that enclosure of sufficient area to enable all poultry access to shade and shelter, and a floor beneath the structure constructed of smooth, impervious material with a gradient of at least 1 in 50 to the front of the structure
  • No poultry or poultry enclosure and structure is to be within 9 metres of a dwelling, public building or food premises, in which case local government may approve a lesser distance
  • No poultry is able to approach within 25 metres of a street other than a pedestrian access way except where the land is at the junction of two or more streets, in which case local government may approve a lesser distance
  • The enclosure and roofed structure are kept in clean condition and good repair at all times, with effective measures taken to control flies, rodents and prevent offensive odours.

Enclosures that do not comply with the above conditions may need to be removed by the City’s Environmental Health Services.

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