Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient households use less electricity, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency can be achieved by using less power, choosing energy efficient appliances and by installing or purchasing renewable energy. 

There are many ways your house can become energy efficient - through the purchases you make as well as the actions you take.

Energy efficient homes and appliances

To become an energy efficient household, you can:

  • Install renewable energy such as solar panels
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances 
  • Choose energy efficient light bulbs such as fluorescent and LED
  • Install and use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning
  • Build or renovate your home using the principles of sustainable design.

Energy efficient behaviour

There are many daily actions you can take to reduce your energy use:

  • Open curtains and blinds and use natural light where possible
  • Turn off lighting and appliances at the power switch when not in use 
  • Reduce hot water running time
  • Dry your clothes naturally on the washing line
  • Choose natural or green power through your electricity bill.

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