Dog Attacks

The City Rangers follow up every reported dog attack.

Dog attacks can take many forms including:

  • Aggressively rushing at or harassing any person or animal
  • Biting or causing physical injury to a person or animal
  • Tearing clothing on or causing damage to the property of any person attacked
  • Attempting to attack or behaving in a manner that would cause fear of physical injury.

Upon receipt of a dog attack report, City Rangers will:

  • Investigate the dog attack report
  • Take the appropriate action based on that investigation.

Please follow these steps if you or your dog are involved in a dog attack:

  • The first priority is to seek appropriate vet or medical attention if required
  • Try to obtain contact information of any witnesses and the offending dog's owner 
  • Taking photos may help your case, so please photograph any injuries sustained in the dog attack
  • Retaining documentation - keep vet bills or ask for a Doctor's note if injuries have been incurred
  • Please contact the City's Rangers and inform them of the attack.

Please note that as part of the investigation, a statement will be required from the complainant/victim/dog owner/dog carer and any known witnesses to the alleged attack.

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