Cloisters Reserve Rehabilitation and Restoration

Rehabilitation and restoration works are underway at Cloisters Reserve in response to the areas that were burned by fire in 2015. 

The Cloisters Reserve restoration area is comprised of two sites located between Benson Chase and Roebuck Drive that are approximately 0.6ha in total. The Reserve forms part of Bush Forever Site 227 and is one of only two areas of the Kwinana Freeway Foreshore containing remnant coastal vegetation. Its condition varies from degraded to very good. 

The Cloisters Reserve foreshore remnant vegetation is highly important for bird, reptile and frog breeding and conserved as a high priority to maintain the environmental value of the area and increase visual amenity. 

The schedule of works includes:

  • Bi-monthly site inspections 
  • Weed control and maintenance 
  • Seed and vegetation collection 
  • Removal of dead trees as required
  • Foreshore restoration works towards the southern end of site 
  • Seed propagation in the City’s nursery and panting works
  • Litter removal.

The current program of restoration works were completed in June 2017.