Dungeons & Dragons @ Manning Library

Kids/Family Library

Event Information

  • Date DATE
    25 January 2024
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  • Time TIME
    2 - 5.15PM
  • Location LOCATION
    Manning Library
    2 Conochie Crescent, Manning
  • Cost COST
  • Hosted by HOSTED BY
    City of South Perth Libraries

Join us for an immersive Dungeons & Dragons adventure at Manning Library, where fantasy meets reality in an exhilarating journey through storytelling and strategy.

Led by seasoned Dungeon Master Josh Walker, this event invites adventurers aged 15 to 25 years to delve into a world of mythical creatures, epic quests, and daring escapades.

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the realm of D&D, this event promises an engaging and exciting experience for all who dare to explore the unknown.

Book now and prepare to roll the dice!


Manning Library

2 Conochie Cres, Manning