TravelSmart is a program run by the Department of Transport, and supported by the City of South Perth that promotes alternative forms of transport to private car use.

Cars are the number one contributor to air pollution in Perth, adding 75% of harmful carbon monoxide emissions into the air. Car use in the Perth metropolitan region is one of the highest by world standards.

By walking, cycling and using public transport, we can help to reduce harmful emissions and will see the positive benefits both personally and as a community. Some benefits may include:

  • Less traffic and noise in local streets
  • Safer streets
  • Fewer road accidents
  • Greater contact between people and rebuilding a sense of community
  • Improved health from the physical activity.

The City is currently upgrading its infrastructure to benefit cyclists, walkers and public transport users. This includes the installation of new bus shelters and upgrading old ones, more bicycle parking facilities and shared paths and bicycle lanes. Other initiatives include the redesign of freeway overpasses, pedestrian friendly retail precincts, pedestrian crossings and timetable information stands.

For information on bus routes, location of bus stops and shared paths, and cycle-friendly routes within the City, check out the Local TravelSmart Map South Perth.