Temporary and Ephemeral Public Art

Works of temporary public art are intended to occupy a place and/or have a presence in the public realm for a limited period of time usually between one week and three months.

Works of ephemeral public art are distinctive because they may have a fleeting and immaterial presence on site, sometimes only for a single day or a matter of hours - for instance in the case of a light projection or a performance. Other works of ephemeral public art may have a more substantial material presence on site but may incorporate their own changing state and disappearance/dissipation as an integral part of the artwork – for instance in the case of sand drawing on the beach, or an ice sculpture. 

The City commissions artists to create temporary and ephemeral public art to intrigue, interpret, interrupt and involve the community in unique ways at different times, enhancing the diversity and vibrancy of experiences available within the City.

Information about the City’s current and previous Temporary and Ephemeral public art commissions is available on the public art page of the City’s website and Public Art map.

Artists interested in opportunities to work with the City on new temporary and ephemeral commissions should keep an eye on the City’s Expressions of Interest Page.