Planning Policies

Planning Polices complement the Town Planning Scheme and provide guidance to the City and to the public on interpreting legislation and making decisions on a range of town planning matters. New and amended policies are made available for public comment before becoming operational.

Planning Policies are designed to ensure a high quality of development is maintained through consistent decision making and the processing of development applications in a fair and equitable manner. The facts and individual merits of a proposal must be considered in their own right, with the relevant policies being used as an aid to making the decision or recommendation.

Planning Policies should be read in conjunction with the Town Planning Scheme.

The City of South Perth’s Town Planning Policies fall within the City’s Strategic Community Plan under Direction 3 – Housing and Land Uses.

Planning Policies

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Document Name
P303 Design Review Panel
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.4 MB
P308 Signs
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.1 MB
P309 Satellite Dishes
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.1 MB
P313 Local Heritage Listing
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.3 MB
P317 Licensed Premises
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.1 MB
P350.02 Lot boundary setbacks
Policy Housing & Land Uses pdf - 0.1 MB