DA Application Process

To obtain development approval, you must lodge an application for development approval with the City of South Perth.

For most types of development approval applications, a reputable architect, draftsperson or town planner should be engaged to prepare and assist with the submission.

The development approval application needs to include:

  • Application for Development Approval Form
  • Fully dimensioned submission plans including site plan, floor plan and elevations
  • A detailed letter explaining any variations to the prescribed requirements
  • Prescribed fee.

Please see the relevant checklist (below) for further details of the information required.

Lodging your Development Approval application

An application can be lodged using one of the following methods:

  • Hardcopy in person at the Civic Centre. Fees are paid on lodgement by cash, money order, credit card or cheque to the Cashier
  • Hardcopy by post to the Civic Centre. Fees are paid by enclosing a cheque (contact the City for a quote)
  • Electronically online using the online DA portal* **. Fees are paid by credit card as part of the submission process. See the Online DA Lodgement Guide.

*The portal is in pre-launch testing and your feedback is appreciated.
**Applications that are to be determined by the Development Assessment Panel can not currently be accepted via the portal.

Applications can NOT be lodged by email.

Applicants will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the application shortly after submission. This letter is sent after a preliminary check of the application is completed, and as such, may include a request for additional information or details. Further information may also be requested by the assessing Urban Planner as part of a more detailed assessment process.

Applications that require JDAP approval

Development Approval applications of a value of $10 million or more are determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP). Further details of ‘opt-in’ and excluded applications can be found on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.
At least a week in advance of the proposed lodgement of a JDAP DA, the applicant is to contact the City to arrange a pre-submission meeting with a Senior Urban Planner. The application is accepted once City officers are satisfied that all the relevant information has been submitted. This allows for an uninterrupted assessment process.


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Please refer to the checklists in the documents list below for more information on what is required for some of the common types of development approval applications.


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