Private Parking Agreement

An owner, Strata Manager or Property Manager may apply for a private property parking agreement with the City of South Perth. This enables the City to infringe vehicles parked on the private property with authorisation from one of the authorised complainants. The agreement only applies to parking bays. Upon applying for an agreement, please supply a map or a plan of the parking bays to be covered under the agreement.

After the application has been received, an officer from the City will attend the address and determine the number of signs required. An establishment fee applies to this agreement and to the cost of the signs, which are available for purchase at the City of South Perth Civic Centre.

Once payment has been received, the Strata or Property Manager is responsible for erecting the signs prior to any infringements being issued.

Please note there is an annual renewal fee for the agreement which is listed under the City’s Fees and Charges.

Fine withdrawal – private property 

If a fine is withdrawn, an administration fee may be charged. The fine will be withdrawn from the system upon receipt of the administration fee.

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Description Applicable to Condition GST Cost
Zoo Parking Agreement All Users Per Agreement Inc $30.00
Consideration of Review of Infringement If Applicable Only where legitimate reason exists Exc $30 private property parking only