Count Me In

The Count Me In Project is a community-building project, promoting and facilitating participation in community life for people with disability within the City of South Perth.

The project is aimed at supporting a variety of people in the local community to join and participate in community activities.

Inclusive activities

Looking to join a club or recreation activity that welcomes all people, where disability is not a barrier to being included? Joining in is a natural step to leading a healthy life for all people and the City of South Perth is here to help you get started.

One in five Australians live with disability and many more support people with a disability. Step by step we break down barriers to inclusion to make joining in fun and easy.

Step 1

  • Think about what type of activities you have done before or have always wanted to do - dare to challenge yourself

Step 2

  • Do your research - have a look at the list of activities Near Me, in your local newspapers or online
  • Talk to your friends and family - ask what people around you are doing; not only could they provide you with some great ideas, they might be able to help get you on your way

Step 3

  • Think about the things that you might need help with to join in - money, equipment, transport, etc
  • Don't be afraid to pick up the phone. The more information you have before joining the more comfortable you will feel when you get there

Step 4

  • Decide what you would like to do and make a booking

Step 5

  • Arrive on time, ditch the nerves and get excited
  • Be friendly and socialise
  • Enjoy yourself!

Enquire about an access and inclusion program

Contact us

If you are running a recreation or hobby based program that is accessible and welcoming of all people and you would like to add your details to the City’s database please contact the City.