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The West Australian

South Perth Libraries members are now able to access digital editions of The West Australian and The Sunday Times online.

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BorrowBox is a collection that includes eMagazines. You can borrow up to 10 eMagazines for two weeks. All back issue eMagazine loans do not count towards your loan limit, so you can download as many back issue eMagazines as you like.

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Libby eMagazines

Libby eMagazines offers hundreds of digital full cover-to-cover magazines - just like print editions.

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Good Reading Magazine

Good Reading Magazine

Good Reading Magazine has book reviews, author profiles, short stories, book trivia and more.  Perfect for any book enthusiast.

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Good Reading for Kids 

Good Reading is passionate about encouraging kids to read books.

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Good Reading Young Adults

Good Reading Young Adults Magazine

Good Reading’s site for Young Adults is now being updated with new content twice a month. You can send in your book reviews, poetry and short stories.

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