Reflect (from afar)

Take a few minutes to hear some untold stories, quirky events and odd occurrences from the complex history of our City.

In the spirit of our Reflect local history talks, our local historian has recorded a series of talks so you can now join us online for our Reflect series. 

Mindeerup's Most Famous Visitor

Nearly a century ago the South Perth foreshore had a rather unique visitor. Listen to a brief story of gambling, corruption, elephant diplomacy and zoo management. 

Police, Poultry and Pleasure Gardens

Mysteries abound in the City’s archives – join us on a journey from a newspaper clipping to Perth’s first policeman, and a strange use for Millers Pool.

William Shenton's Bookshelf

William Kernot Shenton - Miller, printer and possible librarian!

Join us again as we skim the pages of history, and find out the dangers of browsing the Harbor Master’s shelf, H.G. Wells’ South Perth connection, and the surprising literary habits of the early Swan River Colony.


Personal musings, rumours, speculations and first-hand experiences. In Hearsay, the Local History team offers up select sound bites from the City’s Oral History Collection. Sit back and enjoy a curated selection of opinions on local happenings, both big and small, from wherever you may be.

Disclaimer: The photographs that accompany these Hearsay and Reflect Talks are not necessarily directly linked to the topic, interviewee or the particular event being recalled. For further information on any of the images and audio content presented, or to share your own responses and reflections, please contact our Local History team.

The Narrows

The Narrows Bridge, known commonly as “the narrows”, is supposedly the narrowest part of the Swan River - Derbal Yerrigan.

 A zone of transition; a vantage point; an engineering feat; a long-standing plan; a massive undertaking; a concrete mass embedded deep in shifting sands. There are many ways we can reflect on this major freeway, its function and enduring impact.

The narrows appears often in the Oral Histories collection, with many members of the community suggesting it changed life in South Perth forever. Tune in to hear sound bites from interviews with June MarkhamGilbert MarshKeith HorwoodRoss WedderburnLois Gatley and their recollections on the narrows.


Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes, otherwise known as “Bonfire Night”, is closely associated with fireworks and friendship, but also tragedy and danger. There are many ways we can reflect on the rituals and legend of Guy Fawkes and remember the reasons for its eventual decline, from a number of local perspectives.

Tune in to hear sound bites from interviews with Bill Gleeson, Leoni Hoyle, Anne Pickett, Ron Jess, Alan Barton, Maxine Stannard as they share their memories of Guy Fawkes nights’ in South Perth.

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