Complaints Handling

The City has developed a comprehensive complaints handling process that will provide customers with a standard process for lodging a complaint. Customers may be unhappy with a decision that the City has made or a service that the City has provided. Customers may ask the City to review its decision or the way that the City has provided a service in a particular instance.

The City values complaints because they provide feedback on the City’s operations. The City has a commitment to quality and dealing with complaints allows the City to continuously improve its operations. The City commits to reviewing its complaints internally and believes that its complaints handling process is the best way to achieve this.

The City has based its complaint handling process on the Australian Standard to ensure that the process meets best practice.

Lodging a complaint

If you have a complaint then you may lodge the complaint with any officer of the City. The officer will help you to lodge the complaint. This officer will assess the complaint then forward it to the appropriate department of the City for review.

If the City can deal with the complaint by performing one of its services then the officer will forward the complaint to the appropriate department for action. If it is a complaint about someone other than the City then the officer will forward the complaint to the appropriate department for investigation.

If the complaint is a request for City to review a decision it has made or the service it has provided then the appropriate Manager will investigate the complaint and may contact you to obtain further information. The Manager will advise you of the outcome.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the complaint then you can apply to the City for an internal review of the complaint. An internal review team, comprising senior officers who were not involved in the original complaint investigation, will conduct an internal review. The internal review team will contact you and advise you of the outcome of the internal review.

You can lodge a complaint with any officer of the City by phone, email, in writing or via an online request.

Make a complaint about a process

Make a complaint about a City employee

If you would like further information on the City’s complaint handling process, please contact us.

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