City secures funding for urban greening and tree canopy restoration initiative

Media Release 9 May 2024

The City of South Perth has secured over $77,000 in funding to plant more than 590 trees to support the City’s urban forest and restore vegetation.  

The funding from the State Government’s Urban Greening Grants Program will be used to expand canopy in places of high urban heat in Karawara, Cygnia Cove and Waterford to help improve biodiversity and liveability in these areas.  

The Urban Greening Grants Program recognises the need to increase urban greening across Perth and Peel and supports local governments to plant trees and understorey vegetation.  

Tree canopy and understory planting provides environmental, social, psychological and recreational benefits in our cities and towns. This environmental asset, known collectively as ‘urban forest’, includes all vegetation on public and private land. 

Urban forests help cool our streets and homes by providing shade, increase biodiversity by creating habitat, nature corridors and natural places that benefit our health and wellbeing. 

City of South Perth Mayor, Greg Milner, said the funding will help the City maximise the shade and cooling on verges and streetscapes, reduce heat and deliver a range of benefits to the local community.  

Our urban forest is a big part of what makes the City of South Perth such a beautiful place to live,”  Mayor Milner said. 

“This funding will allow us to continue to improve neighbourhood amenity and liveability, reduce urban heat and ensure that our neighbourhood remains leafy, green and aesthetically attractive.” 

The City will plant a variety of trees endemic to our region, which include a range of Melaleuca, Corymbia, Banksia and Eucalyptus species 

These species have been chosen not only for their suitability for the area, but also for their role in providing habitat for fauna,” Mayor Milner said. 

“We’ll continue to look for opportunities to positively contribute to the City’s urban forest and create a more resilient, sustainable and vibrant community for generations to come.” 

The Urban Greening Grants Program is funded by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and delivered in partnership with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA).

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