Bill Grayden Reserve - Stage Two upgrades

News Update 22 March 2024
Parks and Reserve works

The City is continuing with Stage Two of the upgrade of Bill Grayden Reserve in Como. The project aims to improve the amenity of the park as well as contributing to the City’s tree canopy and habitat.  
The overgrown area of mixed non-native shrubs, woody weeds, and dead trees adjacent to Thelma Street will be selectively thinned during the first two weeks of April 2024.  Existing large trees and all verge trees will be retained and protected during the works. The area will be mulched and prepared for the planting of 240 trees from May 2024. 
Stage One irrigation system upgrade was completed in 2023. 
Stage Two has commenced in March 2024 and works include: 

  • Replacement of the existing play equipment  
  • Removal of non-native vegetation and dead trees adjacent to Thelma Street   
  • Installation of a concrete garden kerb to the tree planting areas 
  • Turf removal within the tree planting areas, prior to mulching to create a ‘hydro-zone’ 
  • Installation of tree bubbler irrigation stations 
  • Planting of 240 new WA native trees. 

The City makes every effort to reduce the disruption caused by the upgrade works. 

For more details about the City's infrastructure projects, please see our Works and Projects page. 
This upgrade is part of the City's Play Space Plan

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