Child safety around dogs

Event 14 March 2024
Attention all parents and guardians. The City of South Perth is excited to announce our upcoming Let's Talk Dogs workshops aimed at children aged 6-12 year olds and parents.

As part of our commitment to enhance the safety and wellbeing of both our canine companions and residents, we recognise the importance of public education. Dr. Kate Lindsey from Kalmpets, a renowned dog behaviorist, has collaborated with the City to address key issues.

Presented by the City's rangers, these workshops will focus on two critical areas: child safety around dogs and providing mental enrichment for our furry friends within high-density areas. By engaging children in this program, we aim to promote responsible pet ownership and educate them on appropriate behaviour around dogs.

Through interactive activities and discussions, children will learn how to safely interact with dogs and understand the importance of mental stimulation for our four-legged companions. By providing families with tools to meet their pets' needs at home, we hope to reduce instances of dog-related incidents, particularly around the home environment.

Did you know that many dog bites involving children occur within the home? This workshop aims to prevent and reduce such instances by promoting responsible pet ownership and safety measures.

Additionally, we recognise that many dog owners would like to provide more mental stimulation for their pets. By demonstrating how to create creative enrichment activities from recycled items found in the home, we will empower families to meet their pets' needs without leaving the house.

Join us in creating a safer and happier environment for both our children and beloved pets. Let's talk dogs and make a positive impact on our community!

Let's Talk Dogs

Old Mill Education Centre

9.30-10.30am; 11am-12pm, Monday 8 April

Free, book now

George Burnett Leisure Centre – Seminar Room 1

2-3pm, Monday 8 April

Free, book now

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