New caretakers of McDougall Farm Community Garden announced

News Update 14 February 2024

Salter Point school Aquinas College has been announced as the new coordinators of McDougall Farm Community Garden in Como.

The college was selected because it has a long-standing history and experience with the garden and local community.  Aquinas College students and staff have volunteered extensively to maintain the garden since 2020.

The garden is fully reticulated and comprises a number of raised garden beds, wooden fencing planted with herbs, water tank and two ancillary buildings for storage and activities.

As the new caretakers, the college will focus on transforming the garden into an inclusive learning space and continuing to cultivate connections between the college and the local community.

Over the coming weeks, staff and students will be mulching, composting and undertaking a seasonal planting rotation.

Produce grown, will be harvested and distributed to volunteers, and community outreach services for local schools and people in need.

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