Footpath works Bessell Ave, Como

Public Notice 25 January 2024
footpath Road Works

In accordance with the City’s 2023/2024 Slab Replacement Program, the City will be carrying out the following footpath works:

  • Bessell Avenue, Como from Murray Street to Bland Street. Works to commence on Monday 29 January 2024, weather permitting

The works will be restricted to the street verge and will involve the replacement of the old concrete slabs and construction of a 1.5m wide in situ concrete footpath.

Any plants or shrubs/hedges overhanging the footpath should be pruned back before the works take place. Please contact the City if you are unable to do so ahead of the works.

When footpath replacement road works require changes to existing privately-owned reticulation systems in the verge the City will implement the changes at no cost to the property owner, where applicable. Please test your reticulation within two weeks and notify the City as soon as possible if there are any issues.

The City is responsible for all reinstatement works and will not accept responsibility or provide reimbursement for other repairs or reinstatements carried out by third parties. After the two-week period, the City may not take responsibility for repairs.

Should the existing footpath section of your crossover be of slab construction, the slabs will be removed and replaced with concrete. The City’s contractors will notify you in advance of the scheduled construction day. Alternative parking arrangements should be made for this day. You will be required to remove any vehicles by 7am on the day of construction. Entry and exit from your property will be limited for one day after the works take place to allow for curing time.

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