Tree vandalism in Salter Point

Public Notice 19 January 2024
 The City of South Perth has experienced an incident of wilful damage to trees on public land. 
In December 2023, the City became aware of seven trees that were poisoned and subsequently died within the riverfront Redmond Conservation Reserve in Salter Point. 
The trees are native flooded gums (Eucalyptus rudis) and have clearly been poisoned, as evidenced by the drill holes and granular herbicide found on site. 
The City is assisting the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), who is investigating the incident. 
Native vegetation is an integral part of a healthy riverine ecosystem and provides food and shelter for many bird species and other small animals. Protecting mature trees is critical, as they make urban environments more liveable and sustainable for everyone in our community.
The City is committed in its efforts to protect our beautiful natural environment. Tree vandalism destroys the local amenity and costs ratepayers thousands of dollars each year. 
It is an offence under the City’s Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law (2011) and the Local Government Act (1995) for unauthorised persons to prune, remove or otherwise deal with any tree that is under the care, control or management of the City.  
There are substantial penalties for the unlawful destruction of vegetation. Vandalising the City’s trees is an offence that will be dealt with through the courts. 
The City maintains over 28,000 trees and will replace any trees that are vandalised.   
DBCA has installed a sign onsite to highlight to residents and visitors that trees in the area have been poisoned, ring barked or cut down by persons unknown to the City. 
To report foreshore vegetation damage contact DBCA’s on 9278 0981.

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