Addressing 'Hooning’ behaviour

News Update 13 December 2023

The City takes concerns around antisocial behaviour very seriously. There is no excuse for unsafe driving. This behaviour is especially concerning in residential or built-up areas where cars back out of driveways and families cross the road regularly.

While offences relating to hoon behaviour fall under the jurisdiction of WA Police, the City understands this is an issue of concern for members of the local community.   

Road safety is identified as one of the four priority areas outlined in the City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, and the City is playing its part to address concerns around unsafe driving.  

The City has a strong working relationship with Kensington Police Station and we continue to work closely with local police to implement safety campaigns throughout the year, including a hooning blitz in the City of South Perth area.  

These blitz campaigns undertaken by the police involve a range of targeted community safety strategies in hoon hotspot areas to address speeding, drag racing, vehicle burnouts. Some of these strategies include police road-side checks; use of equipment to monitor driver behaviour, such as speed cameras and licence plate recognition cameras; and undercover police operations. 

Additionally, the City has recently installed raised platforms along Mill Point Road in South Perth to limit vehicles speeding in this area. The City has also acquired a mobile CCTV camera trailer, which is deployed to various locations to enhance community safety. 


The community play a crucial role in identifying and preventing dangerous behaviours on the road.  

If you witness hoon behaviour such as speeding, drag racing or burnouts, you can contact the Police on 131 444 if immediate assistance is required, or report the incident on the WA Police website.