Men’s Shed opens up

mySouthPerth Magazine | BIRAK 4 December 2023

When Graham Rennie retired from his IT job, he wasn’t content to simply sit at home. He wanted to stay actively engaged in his community.

For Graham, the Manning Men’s Shed was the perfect fit; a safe place to learn new skills and make connections with other men and women in similar stages of life.

Now the Chairman of Manning Men’s Shed, Graham says the mateship and camaraderie of the members is what keeps him coming back. And he says opening the shed to women has added a “fantastic dimension” and “vibrancy” to their shed community.

The group encourages new members of all ages (currently, the youngest member is in his 30s) to join, including people with disabilities or those struggling with mental health challenges.

“It’s a really welcoming environment for men and women,” Graham says. “They [the Men’s Shed users] talk about everything from cars to air conditioning to prostate. And they can do it in a very supportive environment.”

Interested in joining the Manning Men’s Shed?

Reach out to mmswa@mail.tidyhq or call 9313 2739 to become a member.