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Business news 21 November 2023
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Meet Charlie – surfie, plunge-taker, and all-round nice guy.

FOSS Clothing was a pipe dream thought up by a couple of mates who wanted to create something special. When we met Charlie Byron, it became clear that this pipe dream was a labour of love. Working from home can be tough (remember COVID?) and Charlie explains that this year has been a challenging one.

“This year has been challenging due to the cost-of-living crisis, which trickles its way into costs for local businesses as well,” Charlie said.

FOSS stands for ‘Fearless in the Ocean, Stylish in the Streets’ and the team crowdsources its designs. 

“We poll our design concepts online in our loyalty group, which takes about six months, and we then choose the designs by vote with our customers at the forefront of the decision process,” Charlie explained. 

Democracy and fashion? Where do we sign up? And when it comes to Christmas songs, Charlie is a big fan of the Love Actually soundtrack to get the whole team in the mood for the festive season.

Christmas begins early in September for the FOSS team. The “twelve days of FOSSMAS” is always a winner, where customers can receive a different discount on twelve different sale days leading up to Christmas. Charlie told us all the details for FOSSMAS can be found at the FOSS online store.

We asked Charlie why people should support #ShopLocalSouthPerth this Christmas.

“There are a lot of fantastic small businesses that work incredibly hard in the City of South Perth and we are no different at FOSS," he said.

"It’s been confronting to put ourselves out there and create products for people to consume, so when you see something you like, make sure you support the people behind the product.

“We - and many other local businesses - have worked really hard to keep our prices stable and affordable for everyone, so be sure you repay their work to make products more affordable for the community. Big, corporate brands will always be there, but it’s local, small business that makes the world and community a more interesting place.”

FOSS believes in being yourself because no one is better at being you than you. With garments for everyone, and printing and designs all created in WA, it doesn’t get more local than FOSS. So, all that is left to ask this Christmas is will you be fearless, stylish, or both?

#ShopLocalSouthPerth at the FOSS online store:

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