Containers for Change comes to South Perth Foreshore

News Update 30 October 2023
The rollout of 126 Containers for Change exchange points along South Perth Foreshore has begun, making it even easier for people to responsibly dispose of their used containers.
Attached to the existing bins at the South Perth Boat Ramp near the Narrows Bridge through to the Ellam Street carpark, the exchange points are part of the state-wide Containers for Change scheme which targets beverage containers that are commonly littered. This includes plastic and glass bottles, liquid paperboard cartons, and steel and aluminium cans.
Any community member (even you) can collect these containers from the exchange points on the foreshore and return them to a local Containers for Change refund point. For every accepted container you return you’ll receive a 10¢ refund, which you can keep for yourself or choose to donate to a good cause like a local charity, community group, or school.
The installation of the exchange points has coincided with the removal of 11 recycling bins on the foreshore. This decision follows the City’s month-long audit of the bins which revealed high levels of contamination including nappies, dog poo bags and single use coffee cups. Unfortunately, contamination often prevents the entire content of the bin from being recycled.
The City’s introduction of the exchange points will help to keep cans and bottles out of landfill, give them another life, and help the community recycle.

What containers are accepted?

  • Most single-serve water and fizzy drink containers up to and including 3L
  • Most single-serve alcohol containers, like beer bottles and pre-mixed spirits
  • Flavoured milk containers that are 150ml to 999ml
  • Coconut water, pure fruit, or vegetable juice containers that are 150ml to 999ml.

Containers for Change refund locations

  • Manning Farmers Market, George Burnett Park, Karawara (Saturdays, 7.30am-12.30pm)
  • Victoria Park Community Centre, 248 Gloucester Street, East Victoria Park
  • City of Perth Depot, 8 Aberdeen Street

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